A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

>You are a man.

>You want to destroy a computer monitor.

>Is there anything more to say?

>Monitored is a short, vague game where you shoot enemies and dodge bullets.

*If Windows Defender complains, then you click "Details", then "Run Anyways"!


Monitored 1.0.1.zip 15 MB
MonitoredMac 1.0.1.zip 28 MB
MonitoredLinux 1.0.1.zip 16 MB

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Simple and Cool :D 

Would give a good full game

I don't plan on continuing this any farther than patches, but thanks!


This is some cool level design!

Aw, thanks! Personally, I think it could've been a bit more interesting, but I'm proud of it :D


Quick, concise- good controls and simple design.  Can't ask for much more, really.


Other than a story