It's that time of the year again.

Winter is a short platformer about visiting a loved one who's since passed on.


- Six levels 

- Ghosts

- Saw blades

- The ability to place flowers

- A pretty shade of red (unless you don't like red.)

- Music by Cethyel.

(If the HTML version doesn't work for you, try downloading the game below.)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Made withGodot, Aseprite, Bfxr
Tags2D, Ghosts, Godot, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Two colors
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, High-contrast


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one of the very few games someone with rp could play easily. many games say they're high-contrast or color blind friendly but most of them are not for people who are glare sensitive. 

but this is one of the few for those partially sighted that have real problems with bright backgrounds.

very nice work! it's good fun while it lasts.


oh, thank you! i looked at the game tags a few days ago and noticed i threw on a bunch of random accessibility related tags and was worried i'd be misleading. i think next time i make a game in this style i'll give the option to tweak the color palette.

thanks for playing :D


thanks for making it! i hope you had fun creating the game!

i guess you got lucky that some of the accessibility tags worked, at least in this case, and i hope you are a little bit more aware of which ones you choose in the future. 

it really makes a difference for people who have to filter by those just to be able to play games.

giving people the option to tweak the colors is a great idea! thumbs up! :)


nice platformer.


i loved this game! i love how you used only 2 colours to make such a deep story! keep up the great work WatDowTal!


thank you! !  ! !  !


Made a video




beautiful game. love i

thank you!!!!!!!!!

does adding extra exclamation marks make the "thank you" unique?


indeed it does. you did like an,, amAzing job and i just ashhahahshshasasasaskjkjkjkjkjk its gREAT T

are you ok?


now that i. pLAYED ur GAM E

nervously hovers hand over ban button


you make an awesome game. Finished! Congrats.


really really awesome!

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I found a bug in the jump area, when you fall into the hole there a possibility that you don't die.

Over all the game is great tho :)

Which level did this happen?


The last level - it happened to me too.


That was a fun three minutes

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tha nk


I played your game.


ₜₕₐₙₖ ᵧₒᵤ !


I really enjoyed this game! I'm also a Godot game developer and am glad to see it was made with the same engine. Look forward to more!

Hey, a Godot fan! Thanks for playing!


Played winter on my channel, I rather liked it.

I'm trying to say something other than "Thank You", but don't know what...



Thank you for releasing this fun little game out into the wild. =D


Hey there! this game was fun, and.. I admit, I'm terrible at platformers, but this one reminds me of an old one I played on newgrounds ages back. Decpit1, though your's a softer kind. I mean, it has a very similar feeling. The controls are great and you only mess up if the /player/ messes up. The only two things I'd change about it is that one of the check points is right next to a saw. It saved me so close to the saw that a few times when I spawned in, I immediately got killed before I hit the ground. Not terrible since I did get to continue easily! Just a bit of a nit pick.
However.. When I got to the area where you had to leap from spring to spring, I fell into the pit. (once again, terrible at platformers here lol) And.. I didn't die. I guess I somehow missed a kill plane and I can't reset the level I was on nor can I jump high enough to kill the character. So I have to replay the game again in order to get there. :/ Which sucks. 

So my advice!! 

-When making checkpoints, assume that players may be that *one* person who's unlucky to get close to a trap. Make it a little bit safer or just out of reach of the killzone. 

-Make an option to reset an area, like an immediate self kill. This would fix my second problem entirely.

Otherwise, the level design is fun, moderately challenging, and definitely ambient and lovely. I like this game a lot, and please, please, please do keep making games! This is a really cute, touching game, and I hope you make more like it. :)

This was really nice to read! 

I probably should’ve put the checkpoints in safer spots, yeah. I actually found quite a few “unlucky scenarios” and had to fix those, but I guess I didn’t catch all of them.

As for the second critique, I considered a reset button, but I decided against it. Not sure why.

Thank you for playing :D


Yeah you know how you are confused on why people made videos...

because the game is GREAT! :D

aw thanks! :D


I'm so confused why are so many people making videos of my game what-


It's that time of year again. Where the cold sets in and the weather chills your bones.

Explore an unloved graveyard full of platforming perils as you lay flowers to remember those who have no-one left to remember them.

With tight responsive controls and an astounding soundtrack this little indie darling is in my humble opinion a top 10 contender for best indie releases of 2019.



I’m honestly really happy with the feedback! I never thought someone would put my little game up there with Celeste of all things.

Seriously, thank you :D


Great game, the art style (love the red with snow background) and music all played together really well and the gameplay was somewhat difficult while still fun. It played REALLY well with both keyboard and controller, I wish it was longer!

My only suggestion would be to add some indicator that you reached a checkpoint, maybe use the graves as checkpoints?

Still though, really great work!


I was going to make graves checkpoints, but I thought making them collectable/objectives would be better. Might consider something like this for the future.

Thank you for playing!!!


I think you did make the right decision, maybe lanterns  that light when you walk by or something. It would let you add a few more decorations around the (surprisingly lovely and deadly) graveyard :)


I forgot lanterns were objects. Now that I think about it, those would've been perfect



I really liked the game. The control are a bit odd at the beginning but when you get used to it its really nice. The level of difficulty was really good for me :)

Love the story, and the music.

Only comment I would do, is that for the last tumb you have to kill yourself intentionnally if you miss it and do not get killed. Killing myself intentionnaly feeled a bit weird but maybe that is what you expected :p

In any case really liked it thanks. I hope to play another game from you.

Thank you for the feedback!

If I'm honest, yeah killing yourself for the final flower was a bit off, and I wish I could've changed it, but I honestly don't know what else I could've done to make it better.


10/10 would get mauled by a sawblade again


I've made a video on this Itch Dot Io Indie which will be released in around 36 hours but I just couldn't help but leave a comment here beforehand to say that the developers should be extremely proud of themselves with what they have made. This is an elegant, beautiful game with tight controls and a sweet story <3


Thank you for checking it out!


For a story(ish) based platformer, those controls were SMOOTH. 

I personally think they could be smoother, honestly, but I'm glad someone thinks they're good!


* You don't just jump around aimlessly in this game.

    I like the fact the game carries a story... shows caring is rewarding and has actually a touching ending... KUDOS to you!