A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for the 72-Hour Pre-Indie Jam where it's own quality makes it feel like something made in 10, 5 levels of (awfully) handmade mazes just for your hard drive!


Arrow keys to move. 


Touch the "End" mat at the end of the maze, while avoiding the red blocks that reset the level.

Install instructions

Unzip file (Right-click and click "Extract") and run .exe file.


Color Maze.zip 9 MB
Color Maze.zip 10 MB
Color Maze.zip 23 MB


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Great effort and very attractive user interface. I like the color combinations and the way the cube moves with a trail at the back. Gives it a very nice look and feel. 

Although not much difficult to play but overall a good & smooth experience to play this game.

Cant wait to play Color Maze 2    :)