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Pretty good game! although a few down sides, 

1. The controls felt like i was walking along ice which made it somewhat difficult to do jumps that required precise jumps

2. The game felt smooth with a steady difficulty increase. but level 6 timed the difficulty by 3 or so.

other than these few mistakes, this game is pretty solid. the character design is unique and I thought the splash screen was funny. overall 4 / 5 stars



Very good experience and cool interface. I like the way levels change and go from easy to super difficult. 

The charachter is very unique and looks cool when jumps with both arms in the air. 

Keep up the good work ... two thumbs up :)

Not bad for your first game. Controls were a bit annoying at first, but I got the hang of it and it and I enjoyed the game overall. Good job Solar Bunny



Hey, nice game. Controls felt good.


Hey good job on your first game, it was a fun little thing! While not super difficult, Level 6's challenge feels very sudden. I would just be mindful of how fast you ramp up the difficultly!

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Looks interesting! Will play it for sure :p